Arkan Gas

Cylinder valve is a device for opening and closing and regulating or controlling flow of gas or liquid inside the cylinder. The cylinder valve acts as an input port to fill a cylinder and allows it to be supplied as an outlet port. Cylinder valves are usually made of steel or steel that are placed on the cylinder. The cylinder valve is used to open and close and also to remove the gas inside the capsule. The genus of these types of milk is made of steel and steel, depending on the type of gas inside the cylinder, and each gaseous valve has a special cylinder, which is used in CO2 gas to ensure more valve valves.

Cylinder valve types and consumables:

Straight Cylinder Milk: This valve is used in neutral gases.
Left Cylinder Milk: This milk is used in flammable gases.
Tap Taper Cylinder: This valve is used in helium gas. The taper cylinder is designed and manufactured for various cylinders with two conventional and valve types. The body of the body and the stem of this type of rice, its nut is made of iron, the spring is made of steel and the kind of spring retainer of aluminum or plastic.
Rip Cylinder Milk: This valve is used in various cylinders, especially argon and nitrogen, and is designed for cylinders with different capacities. These types of valves have two types of valves and valves. Body Material and Shaft Cylinder The brass hub, the material of the iron nut, the spring of the valve is made of steel, the spring of the retaining spring of the spring is of aluminum or plastic.
Valve Cylinder Valve: This type of valves is specially designed for carbon dioxide cylinders, in industrial and laboratory applications, in cylinders of various capacities. Valve valve cylinder has two types of valves and valves.


Cylinder Milk: Cylinder Milk Cylinders are divided into two types depending on the type of gas present

Brass nuggets: In non-corrosive gases, regardless of the rust or ineffectiveness of the gases, brass valves are used (for customer type and on request, chrome brass valves can also be provided.)

Stainless steel valves: In corrosive gases, such as hydrogen sulfide gas, must be made of brass valves.

In the case of cylinder valves, there are three known and widely recognized international standards that only a limited number of them are most widely used in Iran. In order to protect consumers, as well as to observe the laws and principles of safety of cylinder valves, the company has implemented these standards and has become more aware of its customers.