Arkan Gas

Manifold Pallet: Manifold Pallet is to connect a number of gas cylinders by tube or steel pipe to use them simultaneously through one or two valves of the consumer gas. Using this pallet, a larger amount of gas can be used at any time. In order to know the pressure of the pallet, a number of pressure gauges are installed on them. The gas components company, according to the requirements and demands of the customers, can produce manifold pallets of 12-4-6-9-12-16-25 and 36 cylinders Vertical and horizontal.

This product is manufactured in the gas components assembly according to the requirements of standard 13769-EN. All fittings of the pallets produced in this company are tube fitting and no welds will be used in these fittings. The pipes used in these products are all stainless steel 304 and are one of the best-selling brands in the market.

The main chassis of this product varies depending on the number of cylinders in it and is generally 60 * 60. These pallets have two output valves in two different directions than pallets for ease of use. A gauge is placed on the pallet to determine the pressure inside the cylinders. All of the welds made in the chassis of this product are curlyon welds, which adds to the strength of the chassis.

The chassis color of this product is furnished and has a high quality. Occan Gas Co. is ready to prepare this product for gases of argon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, korgon, helium and ... depending on customers' needs. This product has the ability to design for 40-liter and 50-liter cylinders.