Arkan Gas


Trailer Trailer: Trailer is a toxic trap that contains 8 to 54 large pressure cylinders with a longitudinal dimension of 20 or 54 feet. These cylinders have a working pressure of 200 bar and have a single outlet that can be discharged individually through each of the cylinders.


Technical Features and Benefits of Operational Tube Trailers:

The strict standards of ISO 11120 and DOT3AAX used in the design and construction of jumbo tubes ensure the reliability and safety of these equipment and are used in all industrialized countries for the transport of compressed natural gas as well as industrial gases such as hydrogen and silicon. The main features are as follows:

Very high roadworthiness and safety
Used in industrialized countries for the transfer of CNG and industrial gases (H2, He, ...)
Portability with container types in the country
Possibility to replace the insoles if necessary and use any available insoles
Appropriate gas storage capacity
Ease of connection of the insole and the skid tube by the standard container lock in the insoles
Possibility to use 20-foot and 10-foot trailer tubes for mountainous and suburban roads.
Possibility to use a variety of fatalities in the country