Arkan Gas

Calibration gas:

The company specializes in the production of high quality calibration gases, high purity gases and related equipment. The company, with its modern weight production methods, offers the ability to produce complex gas mixtures and several components with the highest level of precision production to customers as soon as possible.

The company provides refillable and disposable calibration gas according to customer's order and ready for delivery throughout the country. Calibration gas consists of various gases that do not chemically contradict each other. The specifications of these gases are precisely known and are used to calibrate chemical analysis devices or devices and appliances. All components of gas, including base and impurities, must be accurately and precisely determined by the exact amount of each, (based on PPM or PPB and percent).

Uses: These gases are mainly used as detectors or gaseous detectors, most notably:

Carbon Monoxide Base Calibration Gas CO
Clay Chlorine Base Calibration Gas Calcium Cl
Gas Calibration Mixture of carbonyl sulfide carbonyl sulfide
Ammonia Base NH3 Calibration Gas Mixture
Gas Argon Argon Calibration Gas Calibration
Ethane ethane base calibration gas mix
Gas mixing calcium base acetylene C2H4
Gas mixing gasoline base calibration
Gas mixing boiler C4H10 calibration
Butadiene butadiene basic calibration gas mix
Gas Calibration Calcium Base CO2 Carbon Dioxide