Arkan Gas

The Freon gas is a brand for a class of chemicals that are known as a refrigerant in conditioned systems (known as chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs). Freon is a gas that is gas at room temperature but when it is cooled down or pressed into liquid state, it is non-flammable and relatively odorless, some of the Freon's gases have an ether-like aroma.

Types of commercial frying gas are:

  • Tetra fluoratean for cars
  • Fluoromethanesium chloroform for air conditioning

The National Air Conditioning Association in the United States recommends that the cooling system of the ventilation system should be checked every year, because a system that only has a 10% reduction in cooling levels can increase your costs by up to 20% monthly, as well as continue the system work. A low-cooling air conditioner can ultimately damage your compressor with irreparable damage.