Arkan Gas

The Arkan Engineering Company has special, safe and technical equipment for the transportation and transportation of customers' supplies. How to use this equipment depends on the chemical properties of the products, including the weight, the degree of ignition, the amount of corrosion, the pressure, the temperature, and etc. depending on which of the above mentioned items are:

Gas Tankers

This group of equipment is used for carrying fluids under pressure (gas) including LPG, BUTAN, Propane, Propylene, Pentane, C4cut and C3. At present, 55 of these equipment are available to the company, which operate on different routes. Measuring equipment installed on this group of tanks, such as a thermometer and barometer, and safety valves controls the safety of equipment in different weather conditions. The measuring equipment installed on this group of tanks is calibrated at different times and is controlled by inspection companies.

Steel Tankers

The sensitivity, importance and durability of the properties of some of the conveyances (especially special fluid deliveries) in the transportation route to reaching our customer's factory has led us to use in our fleet of 7 stainless steel tankers for the purpose of carrying monovalentylene glycol and di Ethylene glycol is used.