Arkan Gas

Carrying on hydrogen gas

Before transporting or using hydrogen cylinders, increase your awareness of safety features and safety issues and the risks of this gas. The study of hydrogen product gas data related to the products of Air products can be useful.
Never use milk boost or hydrogen gas to remove particulates and dust in the valves and external connections.
Avoid dropping, pulling, rolling or slipping when moving the cylinder. For this purpose, use special wheel bearings.
Never lift the upper cover of the cylinder when moving or lifting the cylinder.
When working on top of the cylinder, avoid any further efforts in any form, and contact the Sales Representative for the Apollos. Use only proper connectors, and never use the converter to install pipes and connections.
Open the valve over the cylinder slowly so that the pressure can be adjusted with more control.
 Use pipes and appliances to withstand extreme pressure, tolerance and resistance
 Use appropriate pressure relief devices such as pressure reducing regulators or flow controllers to control the high-level hydrogen gas to the system.
Use a suitable milk check to prevent gas from returning to the cylinder.
When the cylinder is finished, it is necessary to close the valve above the cylinder and remove the excess gas in the system.
If the cylinder or top of the valve has a defect, quickly move the cylinder to a location outside the building, away from combustion sources, and inform the sales representative about the sale.
All ventilators are required to be plumbed out of the building