Arkan Gas

Periodic pressure test of cylinders under pressure from the inspection company EIE and SGS, approved by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.

Periodic test of pressurized cylinders by means of water-jacket and non-water jacket volumetric expansion test


Cylinder hydrostatic

Hydrostatic testing is one of the ways to test pressure and leakage for pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers and fuel tanks. The test involves filling the reservoir with a liquid, usually water, the cylinder test, the pressure test is also carried out. At this stage, the gas tank may be deformed. Gas cylinder testing is the most common method for testing tubes and pressure vessels. With this test, safety and durability of the reservoirs are monitored for a specified period. The capsule hydrostatic should be performed at intervals to avoid adverse events such as Leakage or explosion. The hydrostatic test of gas tanks is done according to the requirements of the industry and customer. Water or oil is used for this, and in some cases red or fluorescent is also used for better visibility. All cylinders are in normal condition due to erosion and ingress within the cylinder five years after the production date and after They need a cylindrical test every year.